Data Entry Cover Letter

Cover Letter For Data Entry Jobs:

Start Your data entry job today

Start Your data entry job today


I am very much interested on your project.  I am in Data entry profession for more than one Year although I am new on odesk. However, just a few days ago I did a same job that seems pretty similar to this one. For that job I had to post a you tube video link to hundreds of paul’s and angela sites.

Have a look on my previous works:

I have read your requirements and I am quite confident that I will be able to get your work done within the given time. However your requirements conclude:

* promoting an event which occurs twice every month

I am very keen to discuss further. You can reach me at any time on online but make sure you notify me. I have also a few clarifying questions on the project:

* Is my task is limited to post different bookmarking sites??

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank You Very Much Indeed

(Your Name)

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Yahoo IM:



This is a good cover letter for data entry job.

* In the red portion, I wrote that I have previous experience. If you have any previous experience, then describe on that portion. If not, simply skip.

*In the blue portion, describe the requirements of the job. It varies. Make sure you conclude what the buyers want you to do for the job.

* In the orange portion, include some clarifying questions. You can do this by reading the buyer’s job post.